When do you need a root canal treatment?

Have you experienced a sudden, sharp, shooting pain on having cold food?? Or have you woken up in the middle of the night with severe tooth pain?? If your answer is yes, there are chances you may need a root canal treatment.

"Every time I advise a patient for a root canal treatment; the patient gets worried because they think it is an extremely painful procedure and will require many settings. But this is not always true." says, Dr. Paresh Lotlekar, Founder and CEO, Studio32.

When do you require a root canal treatment?

Any healthy tooth has three layers – the enamel, dentin, and pulp. The outermost layer is the enamel, the slightly yellowish inner layer is the dentin and the innermost layer that has the blood and nerves is the pulp. When the decay eats away the enamel or enamel and dentin alone, a filling is sufficient. But when the pulp gets infected, the nerves are irritated and there is a sharp pain. In this case, a root canal treatment has to be done.

How painful is a root canal treatment?

The root canal treatment is not always painful. The entire procedure is done under local anesthesia. The procedure of injecting the local anesthesia can be slightly painful but lasts for a few seconds only. It is similar to taking a vaccination. The treatment which follows is generally painless. I am sure you are already feeling better after reading this. Hang on, there is more.

How many sittings will be required for a root canal treatment?

Every case has to be analyzed individually. Some root canals require multiple settings but sometimes, it can be finished in one sitting as well. So, for the fear of visiting the dentist multiple times, patients do not want to go at all. But muster your courage for the first time, and you never know it may just take you a single sitting!!!

Do not worry or postpone for the fright of pain. The sharp pain that you are experiencing before the root canal treatment may be excruciating but the treatment is not painful. Visit the dentist regularly. If you have been advised to undergo a root canal treatment, please go ahead with it as soon as possible. Postponing a root canal will only increase complications.

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